Big gallery from roadtrip to see family and celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary: Trees and Rock 2014

HITW3 Gallery now. HITW3

Goats over ponies.

Tony's business deals.


Jesse in driveway.

Bucket to wash the filth away.

Dean is on his way.

Not my hand this time.

New Gallery: Levins NYC

Jonny's new home.


Live fst.

Yes, the banana cream pie.

Horse people.

Rapid deceleration.

Supper clubbin'.

We shamed Heather into letting us drink the 18 pack of cheap beer and gallon of white wine we had packed for the trip south.

Drink Water


When not needing a reason to celebrate is not an option.

Amazing places dissapearing or slowly being turned into RV storage facilities.

Lord Dying Disco Magic in 3D.

Traditions for a day.

They use the redwoods to make their canoes.

No styrofoam cup treehuggers.

Real people, real introspective smiles.

Smokey Blue Dart Owen.

Secret Code.

An American and a Mexican. Astro vans.

Not her beers.

Modern mentality.

Let's be made of chances and liability.

The door opened and a girl yelled at me for taking her picture as she left the bathroom.

New family traditions.

"Just up towards Seattle."

A couple of sexy pillows.

Three plus one at new slab warming gathering.

Hate East End shows, but love Colin.

Rag models.

Pinnacle Whipped

"Are they lesbians?"

"I think so."

"I can work with that."

Something making fun of something while helping fight cancer.

A few thousand dollar car and sharing the neighbors cat.

Gas station pizza and hard boiled eggs.

New set of images up from Jack Smith's Ranch a few weeks back: Heart in Butte Falls

Beautiful Matrimony.

New gallery below for attempting to get that damn sportbike home: California Only.

Unimpressed chicken meal.

111 on the 101.

J W Wright, ice cream lover.


A first encounter.

Dropped everything to let me buy him too many drinks.

Punta Negro

"Now that there is a smile."




Has to get into everything all the time.


Seth hard at work.

The Chase

Easier times.

Poor American's weaponry.

They weren't biting.




Moving on.

Shit tales.