Form, familiar inconsistency.


Hard Friends in Dandelion Paradise.

Gidget's big break.

Slow Blowing Northern

Keeping people afraid of motorcyclists.

Timberline Trail Attempt August 2018

I took some to go.

Beebopping down the industrial goth sing-along.

Don't forget to rinse your recyclables when you live in a glass house.

Aliens or AI? My dollars and ammunition stock pile still leans towards human caused end times.

Between Two Pilings.

Pull over to help.

Door Jam Harmonics

Snack Bar 2021

Stayed in


In blue, painted blue.

$40 a Yank

"We can kill hard working people too."

Try to impress your child by eating a swap meet pickled egg.

Coches Cubanos March 2017

Vigilantes Y Combativos

Cuba March 2017 Gallery 1: Socialismo O Muerte

Chicken for revolution.

Last minute holdout/on for history.

Industrial equipment needed for domestic job.

Piled with a long ruler.

Just a few things before you die and noone knows why you kept it.

Know what you're buying in linear feet.

Blade heavy knife.

Pick-n-Pull relief.

"In order to suceed, your desire for sucess must be greater than your fear of failure."

Roll a truck and sink a boat on the same day cool.

"So, crooked Hillary fears the gallows eh? interesting."

Greg's Chicken Harvest August 2016

New Gallery: The Ol' Fire Lookout Trick April 2016

Tilikum Crossing, MAX train, and hot sauce enthusiasts. August 6,2016.

New Gallery: HITW5

Shiny new airstream.

The side debate/Bryde's Whale.

Mr. May.

Interstate Lanes Saloon doors RIP.

New Gallery Robbie's Camp February 2016

Try to ring in a good time.

Try to have a good time.

Metal Metal Accessories.

Take a long time to dig that rut?


Sandy River Woods Boyo.

Spot collector.

Steam team fog hog.


Unannounced 4 AM houseguesting.

New Gallery: Fair Season 2015

Smoke and mirrors and steel.

Rubber band and zip tie time.

Mini gold goat herder.

Crispy granola bars are a fucking mess.

Something about dildos hanging all over Portland.


Not burnable.

Four cur waterfall.

Need goat.

More things in common with a squirrel.

New Gallery: Mother's Day 2015

New gallery: Lookouts and Fingers

Buying stuff to sell in 35-45 years.

New mini gallery of me cutting my hair. Don't make it about the weather.

6 AM bedtime.

Always on the nineties car parts hunt.



Stetson and an Italian Walther knock-off.

Fire just before dawn.

New, hard.


Sandy River Blues.

"So, what do I owe this apparition to- robotics or hypnosis?"

Hoping for Spirit Backstraps.

Gotta get those big sports companies attention somehow.

Michael Freeman View Adjuster.

The best being the best.

Once in a lifetime in Oregon.

Get married season.