June, 2009

Billy Joe Shaver

Big Mike.

Short road tripping.


Over the shoulder boulder runner into.

This was when Dwight was bald and his ears were see through.

Every one has been good so far.

Knows which way to carry a surfboard, wax side out.


Jim, Wild Sceene, old spirit.

Nature tags.

Dirks having his spirit washed.

New Gallery Back to School Five Day Ride below.

Pinski on his way to winning some trophy on the G&H cycles hog in the See See Mini bike races at Club 21.

Might get bumpy here.

Hasn't been deflated in the five years I've had it.

Some of RCMC. redcloudscollective.com.

New address is 7203 N Denver Ave Portland, OR 97217

Kelly's from Nehlem Bay.

Stood ready for 15 minutes to get the bottom half of the tecate can on the drop. Should've had somebody toss it in front of me.

Great crabbers.

The Ol' lady looking down at her and her horse's ol' swimming hole.

Barrett being half Canadian on the 4th.

Kelly's Goat.

Rick Bain is a new-to-them Harley owner's best friend.

Slightly interested but not quite curious.

Talented and creative friends. lifeera.blogspot.com

Hopefully bought my way into a few more rides out here this summer.

This is still an option.

Jim Red, Robertsdale Alabama. At his brother Steve's bar, Buddy's Lounge.

Thin it out.

Canned goods.

Hot coffee on the beach.


This asshole sold Marcus his first Harley.

Carpeted dreamland.

New gallery below Ponchos Bath



Emma RIP


Behind the scenes from one of my professional driving jobs.

Mike Drake China Eye.

How the fuck did I get into this situation?

Haven't been going to the Bins everyday.

Headlight just fell over.

Red Clouds Collective (.com)

Shelby's Santa Cruz summer home.

Going South again.

Bowling beverage... for now.

Sham and his kid.

Puppy talk to Dwight even though he's an old soul.


Matty is not a professional tattooer or a professional male model.

Going South. Be back in a few days.

Scampering Scavenger and mural.

Cat with three teeth.

"We call it "ridin' the ditch!""

I don't have many pictures of people lately.

He rides a motorbike, still.

Self timer.

The Beaver and his minions.

Waka Waka.

Iggy and Fievel.

More Jake Ray.


The Foreman and Marcus. January 2012.

It was actually The Owl doing the jury selection.

Nick's fingerprint.

Dirty's wheel fiasco solved.

Still looking for a 300-2000 sq. ft. studio ground floor or with freight elevator.


Old Gold Pannin' celebration spot, Belden Town.

Best documentary ever.

Clay New Years Day ride.

Boo Radley

Lots happening in the garage. Store got a little face lift and will be constantly updated.

Broads and that guy from the Bishop's ad.

Shirts up.

Parking permit.