Made a store.

Bad cameras and terrible operators can't keep these two from making great photos.

Swimming against the current.

I think this was a repeat. Sorry.


Things that are prettier when they are not so pretty #1.

WIth a heated indoor pool.

Not gay. (Sorry homie. You are a fantastic sport.)

Lineup and learn.

View from the Ladie's with The Foreman at bottom right.

Randi and the Monte Carlo.

Dirty getting loose on the Salem short track. (broken flash almost botched this day photo-wise.)




"Why yes, it does matter."

Out celebrating 28.

Matty K and Kelly Ann.

Burnin' oils, foulin' plugs.


Missing this place.

Scotty Owens

Madras wasn't finished.


Emily and a frozen roadkill cat she plans on mounting.

Suite Jantzen.

Rains comin'.

Long way home.

4 years. This is the first picture.

Dirty Adam's handsome quiver.

Zip tie.

Falling asleep on his car when there was no need for any more reasons to love him.

Technical difficulties combined with spending most of my time figuring out how to get kicked out of Star Bar for good.

Taxidermy, old Vegas casino decorations and a shitty Bentley.

Definitely not a still life... or a letter.

Dreads and Danava.

Mile marker seven games.

Another fucking hay ride.

Birthday boy.

Some rules got followed.


Dirty cop/possibly-racist street gun.

Just before the welt.

Dust my broom.