"Don't tell my wife what I just did."


Clean kitchen, dirty film/livin'.

Simon and bars for not-exactly-a-lane-splitter.

Jantzen says Mike is really good at looking like an old lady.

In continuing with the hot tub theme. Ferrari in the fog.

Randi's Rule: You must bring champagne.

She is making the same face in her mugshot on the cover of Busted.


This is what he was on his way to.

They were putting dirt on the ice patches today.

SLC eye contact.

In the center of the pyramid.

Back to lighting things on fire on random people's porches.

Michele Stephenson, Nov. '09

It took over ten minutes to get this thing into it's sixth floor parking spot.

(Somehow went unnamed. But if it had I imagine we would have called it "company car", or "Samantha.")

I laugh because I got it so good.

Got lost in our rental ford explorer. Ended up here.

Fletch is a lucky man.

This is a face

Not a skateboard in sight.

A huge television and a sheep skin rug.

You couldn't sit in there and drink a cup of coffee.

Dreadlock Violin

Andy's big Rock'n'Roll DJ night at Langano Lounge. Not to be missed.


The rain won't stop it.

Memories of a neat daytrip.

Slight orange glow.

You know your time has come.

Salt Lake's Coyle.

The insect dug Louis Armstrong.

Davester. Grateful to be alive, happy to be home.

We can all consider ourselves lucky.

Tri-tip mistaken for boneless rib-eye.

On the ground during the first song.

The dream looks different than you think.

New short gallery featuring Tyler Hamblin. BAT in Sometimes Just a Left Shoe Will Do.

Simon and Zamora riding Imigration. Shot over my shoulder from my mom's scooter.

Nominal Retribution #1

Try to convince someone that has stolen from you that e comes before i.

(With spray paint on their fucking garage.)

The Foreman


People get friendly at SFK.

Good people always getting shafted.

Matty K on his way.

They have no idea where it is coming from.

I hope you found some pot.



Get it done Mr. Busch

"It's like wearing a shirt made out of tablecloth."


Too Symmetrical or Cat gap reverse shot

Discretion through disguise (Women's stetson)


Mr. Irwin

First half of '09