Shit tales.


Please recycle your shells.


Seventh time here, first time seeing it's namesake.




Spanish moss last year. What kind of moss this time?


Broken clutch cable. Dirty Adam.


This guy knows how to enjoy himself, take a hint.


The process not the product with Mike Drake.


End of the line.


Seth of Red Clouds Collective


Casey the day before

Billy's dog Trouble


Lovely fuckers


Boyo classing it up.


Mike celebrating for and with Clay.


Water spot on apartment portrait.


Owen Johnson.


Nugent New Year Buds.


Fletcher taking down the lights.


Stay in garage dad.


Jim's day zero.


Emotional bustercoaster.


Seth and Owen.


Pyramids, man.


Pump faking for hours.


Throw away that will probably kill someone to earn that fate.


Whilma had a Birthday as well.


Demario had a birthday and looked over the stall door.


G and H Cycles mastermind Casey Henderson. Also, snacks.


Some people get sober. Dec 2009.


Sometimes we have fun and get along.


Not Wendy's.


Cat Dog.


My last day at the river this year.

Tony. Wish I had one of Levins to animate today.