Some people just make it happen.

My nights are numbered/finished.

More dumb.

Best place.


Not going out when others are getting after it.

Pro-Modified sponsorless dirttrack in the Sierra Nevadas. Ticket sales go to the Fire Dept.

Dumbest thing ever.

Devil's Right Hand

Lord of the Rings

Easy livin' fluctuates.

Weird Science

I can't remember why I live in the city as soon as I leave it.

Kitchen/salon again.

Bosses reappropriating city property.

This things grounded. Almost paid the piper with friend in tow before 27. Joplin and the like would have all outdone me. Thumpin in the meantime.

Drove half a mile with my vest and jacket still on the roof. Old guy on late model harley was the only person to try to wave me down. Thanks.

Already missed.

Battleground Skate session.

No deal.

These two got married. I got them a juicer from Macy's.

I hope this is the one I ate.

Race war.

Tim Acott

Tip the man! Tim Acott. Ripper.

Lunchramp's final glory hour.

Social/behavioral study 1.

Boston terriers and retarted cats are so 2009-2010.

84 east practice river runs.

Happy sandy 27 year old.

Mini truck rally to Waldport for birthdays and debauchery. See polaroid gallery.

Bins to Acropolis.

Jake Ray playing Laurelthirst again Sunday, May 22nd. Again, not to be missed.

This sucked.

More backpedaling.

Real summertime, fuck it, I'll walk away, boom.

April through hair filter with grain.

My hand on closet door series #2.


If I have given you a tattoo please contact me so I can make sure I have a good picture of it. Potential coffee table book.

Adam explaining people he encounters working the Columbia docks.

Tailor on retainer. If you need a bag, jacket, vest and/or pants talk to Owen.

River anticipation at an all time high this time around.


After work.

#5, Get out of town at every possible opportunity (rule applies year-round.)

#4, Stay wet during all sunny hours.

#3, Make lasting connections. At least 4.5 hours.

#2, Wear the proper attire.

Summer approaching rule book this week. #1, Fires every night.

McKenney's first oyster.\

Three dollars and all the time in the world.

Life in the doghouse.

My dark corner of the basement.

Rent a room just to soak in the tub undisturbed.

"Your'e totally trying to give me a lesson!"

Domesticated yet colorful women.

Sad dogs that haven't learned to appreciate an ear scratch or a belly rub.

Circuit Courtroom 1.

Diversion Robin Hood.

Jake Ray plays Whiskey Wednesdays at Landmark Saloon. Not to be missed.

Lots of time spent hanging with this guy. (Don't sit on the arm of that chair. It falls right off.)

"He has a motorbike."

Nick wanted to be in the photo with Jason and Sarah.

Before Blue Diamond.

Ripped shirt = doing something right. see:



Dale Jr. Blvd. Southern Oregon here I come.

Repeat? Anyways, let's go camping.



All part of the Art.

D vs. Clayton Moore.

Put a drawing in a new online space for drawings below (renderings from my cave) hopefully updated frequently. Not shooting so many pictures in winter.

The tire store clerk laughed when told what size tube he needed.

Stop sign.

Are you a lawyer yet? OR "All the jello shots you have please."

Dodgy eyed accomplices.


Dark hand

Dude with anger issues.

"Are you going to tell them how to make it?"

Nudes. Quick stop style.

Have license.

Half of Lord Dying and a fan.

Push start thing.

Most photogenic person ever possibly.



Quick Change

Teapot Steak Knife


Mr. River

New gallery. Levins Haircut/Bastard shutter. In the list.


When not in the stairwell.

Timothy Karpinski

Christmas Eve. Jazz band's annual reunion.

Two dudes looking to have a good time.

Shady swim.

Neat and organized.

Wasn't open. San Francisco July '10.

Milo Anderson. Reasonable baby photography rates.

I love you Little Blackie.

Open arms till yer in them.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, but it can't be too soon.

Home invasion/attempted burglary.

Toothpaste, toilet paper, and unscented bar soap.

Wouldn't pose topless on my motorcycle. Gonna start keeping the pictures in the other recent gallery again.

Head out the window.

Some of 2010