Her nickname is pretty offensive.

Ancient Age. Tube. Maybe in late Febuary?

New Gallery: Ana's Coast Trip March '10

"We seriously, seriously need to make this darkroom happen."

This place


Apparently getting the motorcycle is the easy part; staying out of jail, not so easy.


I forgot her name, so... this is called Hip Black Girl in Moose Tube in Pool.

Update: Her name is Gabby and she is a lot of fun.


These two. Dec '09, Bin Laden 4 Life night.

This thing just chewed on my pant leg and then when I'd look at it it would look up at me like this. Dog.

Just outside the circle.

Old Friend

Good morning, boots.

Gone Fishin'

Sewing with wine.

Larry Bird fired for abuse of power as President of Basketball Operations for the Pacers.


Categorizations. Mosaic Americans. Also, babes.


If you can't tell a story you ain't got shit.

Didn't even go onto the sidewalk, let alone into the actual house.

"Three hours ago I would have done anything with you."

Completely self absorbed and idle.

Hot pets: Boston terriers and retarded cats.

"Shit, you're frozen again."

Distraction and prioritization.

Just beer.

They just watched people applaud the Situation on the Jersey Shore Reunion.

White duct tape and red dye.

He didn't learn the balance I taught him.


Come another time.

"Oh, that's romantic." - Scott referring to the explicit drawings on his and Marissa's birthday card/hat.

Birthday Nighttrain.


(Blog beef. see: lifeera.blogspot.com)


Jason Levins at Wimpy's

"I never wanted to be an astronaut, but I'd love to go to space camp right now."

"Those girls are whores!" "What? You think that's a bad thing?"

This may be the most up-to-date picture of Mike's incredible arm.



Bicycle enthusiasts that only wear black clothing.


TB- "This is my girlfriend." CC- "This is MY girlfriend." New Years Eve, Dot's.

New short gallery. Cowboy in Cowboy VS. Airhog

Brother in law in arms

Tera Richardson Twenty Sixth Birthday

Roman Decadence

Jantzen's Christmas-centric posse.

Shark Week.

Before the Bin Laden 4-life, key bumps, woo, and knife hitz tattoos came about.


Probably on the floor.

Who let that guy use my camera AND Lesbians.


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