Pull over to help.

Door Jam Harmonics

Snack Bar 2021

Stayed in


In blue, painted blue.

$40 a Yank

"We can kill hard working people too."

Try to impress your child by eating a swap meet pickled egg.

Coches Cubanos March 2017

Vigilantes Y Combativos

Cuba March 2017 Gallery 1: Socialismo O Muerte

Chicken for revolution.

Last minute holdout/on for history.

Industrial equipment needed for domestic job.

Piled with a long ruler.

Just a few things before you die and noone knows why you kept it.

Know what you're buying in linear feet.

Blade heavy knife.

Pick-n-Pull relief.

"In order to suceed, your desire for sucess must be greater than your fear of failure."

Roll a truck and sink a boat on the same day cool.

"So, crooked Hillary fears the gallows eh? interesting."

Greg's Chicken Harvest August 2016

New Gallery: The Ol' Fire Lookout Trick April 2016

Tilikum Crossing, MAX train, and hot sauce enthusiasts. August 6,2016.

New Gallery: HITW5

Shiny new airstream.

The side debate/Bryde's Whale.

Mr. May.

Interstate Lanes Saloon doors RIP.

New Gallery Robbie's Camp February 2016

Try to ring in a good time.

Try to have a good time.

Metal Metal Accessories.

Take a long time to dig that rut?


Sandy River Woods Boyo.

Spot collector.

Steam team fog hog.


Unannounced 4 AM houseguesting.

New Gallery: Fair Season 2015

Smoke and mirrors and steel.

Rubber band and zip tie time.

Mini gold goat herder.

Crispy granola bars are a fucking mess.

Something about dildos hanging all over Portland.


Not burnable.

Four cur waterfall.

Need goat.

More things in common with a squirrel.

New Gallery: Mother's Day 2015

New gallery: Lookouts and Fingers

Buying stuff to sell in 35-45 years.

New mini gallery of me cutting my hair. Don't make it about the weather.

6 AM bedtime.

Always on the nineties car parts hunt.



Stetson and an Italian Walther knock-off.

Fire just before dawn.

New, hard.


Sandy River Blues.

"So, what do I owe this apparition to- robotics or hypnosis?"

Hoping for Spirit Backstraps.

Gotta get those big sports companies attention somehow.

Michael Freeman View Adjuster.

The best being the best.

Once in a lifetime in Oregon.

Get married season.